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Our Year of Celebration!

Thank you for your interest in joining us to celebrate those at the center of art & healing. During 2023, we want as many as possible who are already hosting poetry or open mics to have a "Snapdragon Journal" night!

What does this mean?

It really is to say, "art, poetry, writing, photography, music has a healing component." And, whatever is shared that night be on the theme of "art & healing." 

Ideas include:

  1. Reaching out to those who have been in Snapdragon Journal who live in the area of the reading (we can help you with these) for them to be a feature or just to read;

  2. Sharing a poem or essay from one of our issues at your reading (giving the author credit, of course);or

  3. Hosting a writing workshop in conjunction with the reading, if you feel qualified and able. 

If you're interested in celebrating Snapdragon Journal in this way, we would love to hear from you! Let's talk dates and details and make it an evening (or night or morning or afternoon) of expanding the conversation and inspiration of art & healing!

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