You'll receive four electronic issues -- one a quarter -- filled with poetry, creative nonfiction, and photograpy by emerging and established writers and artists from around the globe. Each entry and issue focused on the intersection of art & healing. There is the option for you to download and print each issue if you would rather read it from the page than the screen. 


If this is a gift subscription -

  1. You'll want to place the person's email address after you've typed in your contact info, in the field, "recipeint's email address."
  2. Email us at to  share what you would like our email to say announcing the gift, and when you would like it sent.
  3. Don't worry. If you don't feel like taking this next step, we will follow up with you to ask. 


Our first issue will come out in March. 


Each issue individually is $7. 

2022 Annual Subscription