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We are excited that our very first anthology, featuring select poets and writers we have published throughout our first eight years, was released late December 2023! 

Names of the 84 emerging and established writers and poets -- from many states within the US (such as NC, DC, Maryland, PA, Texas, Virginia, CA, MI, Vermont, Washington, Iowa, New York, RI, New Jersey, Florida, IN, Louisiana, Maine), UK, Canada, Nigeria, Australia, and Belgium -- whose work is featured can be found below. 

Our editorial team went through a rigorous process to narrow the selection of hundreds of writers we have published over seven years to 180 pages of a printed anthology. Just as we believe you will find moving and well-crafted poetry and prose in our quarterlies, our anthology highlights these diverse and dynamic voices. 

8.5 x 8.5 | 180 pages | paperback | ISBN: 979-8-218-33346-1

Proceeds help us to offer this year's issues at no cost! 

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Interested in seeing all we have published over the 8 years? Visit here
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