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We are kicking off our 9th year of publishing by highlighting phenomenal work we weren't able to put into our anthology, I TRIED NOT TO WRITE, published Dec. 2023. If you are new to us or if you've been a frequent subscriber, we believe you will find that these poems live on to stir in us our imagination, hope, and connection to the beauty and pain of the healing journey.  We are also excited to offer this year's forthcoming issues at no cost to you.




creative nonfiction

Andria Hill

Megan D. Henson

Norma Bradley

Samuel LeBaron

Lisa Eve Cheby

Nina Bannett

Felicia Mitchell

Suzanne Samuels

Sakeenah El-Amin

Iris Ouellette

Joanne Clarkson

Joan Leotta

Ginger Hanchey

Caitlin Breen

Ebele Mogo

Gail Comorat

Anda Peterson
Patrick Cabella Hansel
Vanessa Chica Ferreira
Emily Cole
Caroline DeLuca
Kelly Joslyn
Heather Cameron
Peter Goodwin
Haylee Chavanne
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