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I'd plant you as dandelion seeds if I could
weeds were always beautiful to me

raising themselves, willful, from
this crass earth.


          regardless of when I leave you.

I cannot stem your fear forever—
time will never be your certainty

dandelions grow,
ignorant to our constructed
tomorrows and yesterdays

see their petals,
how gladly they catch the


I'll solemnly plant you beside them

and a woman
who has never learned a prayer
   will whisper your name into the earth

                   as though she always knew.

published in Snapdragon Journal, Fall 2019

When this poem was published by Snapdragon Journal, Haylee Chavanne wrote that she was an undergraduate student at CSU Channel Islands pursing her bachelors in English and considers herself one part poet, of her part frantic student.

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