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Our History

Birthed in 2015, out of the work of The Word ProjectSnapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing is a premier online, international literary journal for poets, writers, photographers and all who are looking to creativity as a way to process and express the healing journey. 

Whether experiencing grief, heartache, or illness; or looking for physical, emotional, or
spiritual healing and wellness, we hope Snapdragon Journal is a place to which you come on your journey to wholeness. Each quarter, from 2015-2022, the poetry, writings and photographs chosen were based on a theme. 

​In addition to poetry, creative nonfiction and photography featured in our issues each quarter, we also spotlighted an artist/healer in our "Art Speaks" blog. Check it out to read about everyday people who are using art as a catalyst for self and/or community healing. We also ran, during the onset and rise of COVID, art & healing popups to provide a digital space for community and artistic practice. 

In 2023, we took time off from publishing our quarterlies but still held online events, like Snapdragon Live readings, and worked on our anthology, released December 2023.


Our Name

We could not think of a better name for this journal other than Snapdragon! At its deepest level, the Snapdragon flower essence helps the soul to distinguish its use of creative forces -- especially those which radiate from the lower energy centers, and those which are used for spoken word. The Snapdragon flower is often used as a remedy to help persons -- particularly those who experience extreme tension in the jaw and mouth -- to re-direct their powerful metabolic energy into its rightful channels. By harmonizing the relationship between these energy centers, the soul evolves in its use of creative power. And so, with Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing, our desire is to provide a platform for your self-expression and soul's healing!

2024 -2025

With our same commitment to excellence, we have moved from publishing quarterlies to bi-annually. Our themes are "Climate Change" for spring/summer, and "Compose" for fall/winter. 


And in 2025, we will place a call for submissions for our second printed anthology on aging!  


 Be sure to receive our emails for updates and follow us on social media ("snapdragonjournal")!


We're extending the conversation of art & healing, and would love your voice at the table!

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