Our Current Members

In 2020, we launched our membership program. These special people are ones who have committed to joining us in  expanding the conversation on art & healing. Grab a seat at the table, become a Snapdragon Member today, and join the list!


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​Donna Love Wallace

Grace & Stewart Ellis

Brenda W. White

Judith Dancy

Michael Fox

Lynda Myers

Kim Brown

Bill Rettig

Ginny Martin Fleming

Catherin Violante

Kathleen Boyle

Mary Cartledgehayes

Tamara Sellman

Susan MG Dingle

Liesl Massey

Michelle Ortega

F. Cade Swanson

Bee Bube

Maria R. Smith

Vanessa Poster

Cathleen D. Cohen

Hilton Koppe

Step Hardy

Elya Braden

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