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"Healing Connections with Sacred Self • Mother Earth • One Another."
​with Ally Markotich

artist, poet, Intentional Creativity® teacher, and founder of Soul Kindling  ​

Sunday, November 8
1:00 -2:30 p.m. (EST)
via Zoom


Let's take time away from the chaos and center ourselves on our collective being. Our time together would include moving through a simple line drawing, some coloring and written, contemplative prompts. We will explore our belonging, share our story, speak our voice, connect our common thread, claim our sacred responsibility and celebrate one another.​

Supplies you'll need:

  • paper

  • a permanent marker

  • a pen

  • and some color (markers, colored pencils, paint, etc.)

​“When I still myself to paint, I bring my deepest heart prayers to the canvas in the form of marks, symbol and color. What words can’t express, the canvas welcomes. Here, the mystery of the divine meets me. I see the surprise of what I hold. This witnessing of my inner world begins the journey of transformation.”
​- Ally  

"A Radical Movement: Improvisation for Daily Living, Loving & Problem Solving"
​with Christina Soriano 

Saturday, October 24
11:00 a.m. - noon (EST)
via Zoom

In this session, participants will be invited to join Christina in a seated improvisation movement experience. Together we will create a zoom space to convene with our bodies, practice self-reflection and avoid self-judgement.

No previous movement training of any kind is necessary, only is a willingness to come with an open mind and surprise yourself with what is possible in an authentic seated movement exploration.

Come seated in a sturdy chair, with comfortable clothing. And pen and paper nearby.

"Change is the only constant in our lives. Let’s practice responding to it and embracing it together." - Christina

"Writing to the Bottom of Things: A Ritual for the Mind, Body and Soul"
with Cara Hagan

Saturday, September 12
12:00-1:15 p.m. (EST)
via Zoom

​Join interdisciplinary artist Cara Hagan for a workshop that takes us into our inner corners to mine for innate wisdom that supports us during challenging and uncertain times.

​A writing workshop in embodied disguise, participants will write, move, breathe, and leave the experience with a renewed sense of wonder and soul-fuel for the months ahead. Many of the exercises will be easily repeatable after the workshop. Participants are free to add them to their personal toolbox. 

In preparation for the workshop, participants are asked to:

  1. Build a small altar - a collection of precious objects which hold space for our experiences, energies, and hopes. If you're new to altar building, have fun! Some suggestions of how to construct an altar include making sure you have a sturdy space to put your objects where they won't be disturbed - this can be a plate, a box, a small table, or other such things you find around the house! If you're wondering what to put on your altar, suggestions include something from the earth, pictures of ancestors, sacred personal objects, objects in colors that raise your vibration, and things that emit or reflect light.

  2. Have something to write with during our time together, a comfortable place to sit with enough room to stand and extend your arms out to your sides and over your head. 

"Creating Your Own Junque Journal" 
with Rosemary Royston 

Sunday, August 9

3:00-4:00 p.m. (EST)
​via Zoom

Want to create your own journal from existing supplies that  you likely have at home? Then pop in for this session.

​Whether using leather or an old hardcover book, poet & teacher Rosemary Royston will show you the simplest way to make your own journal -- for "junquing," writing, or drawing.

Participants will learn a simple stitch (and a few tricks) on how to sew in paper folios, along with receiving a list of supplies that are super-basic (no need for a high dollar trip to the art store). Rosemary will share sample journals she's made to get your creative juices flowing, and you may find yourself making more than one, as it's hard not to!

Time includes demonstration (see suggested supplies to the right if you want to create during the time) and Q&A. 

Suggested supplies to have with you for the popup: 

  • ​thread (preferably embroidery or heavier thread for book making)

  • needle

  • at least 5 pieces of paper that are 8.5 x 11 and folded in half, length-wise

  • push pin or an awl

  • scissors

  • potential hardback book to re-purpose or piece of leather (optional)

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